Google Android 3.1 comes to the Dell Streak 7 (unofficially)

The Dell Streak 7 features a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, just like pretty much every tablet shipping with Google Android 3.x Honeycomb. But the Streak 7 comes with Android 2.2 which is looking a bit dated. Last month we saw that a hacker had figured out how to install custom ROMs with Android […]

Custom Dell Streak 7 ROM supports overclocking, more

The Dell Streak 7 may be hampered by a sub-par 800 x 480 pixel display and Google Android 2.2 operating system, but the other hardware is pretty much what you’d get from any of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets starting to hit the streets. So it should come as no surprise that in capable hands, […]

Dell Stage software to let you sync data across Dell tablets, phones, PCs

Most major PC and phone makers that offer Android devices have come up with a suite of custom widgets, program launchers, and other utilities to give the operating system a custom feel. Dell’s no stranger to the custom UI space, offering what it calls its Stage UI on Android tablets such as the Dell Streak […]

Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb ported to the Dell Streak 5 inch tablet

Dell’s upcoming 7 inch Streak tablet is expected to ship with Google Android 2.2. But that hasn’t stopped independent developer Stephen Hyde from porting Android 3.0 Honeycomb to run on the year-old Dell Streak 5 inch tablet. The 5 inch Streak is really more of an oversized phone than a tablet. It has the same […]