Dell’s latest strategy for promoting its netbooks: Pity (Adopt a mini)

Dell ran a contest to give away three Inspiron Mini 10v netbooks via Twitter this week. Sorry, it’s too late to enter. The contest has ended. But as part of the promotion, Dell put together a rather amusing video that I thought was still worth sharing. See, the premise of the contest was “adopt a […]

Dell to offer Mini 10v netbook with Moblin Linux… starting tomorrow

Dell offers the Inspiron Mini 10v netbook with a choice of Windows XP or Linux. Starting tomorrow morning you’ll also be able to pick up a special developer edition running pre-release Moblin Linux software. To be exact, it will be running something called Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition, and as you may have guessed that […]

Dell Mini 10 disappears from Dell Europe web site (10v still available)

It looks like Dell has pulled the Inspiron Mini 10 with an Intel Atom Z520 processor from its European web store. When you hit the Mini 10 link from the company’s laptop page, all you see are Dell Inspiron 10v models, which pack 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processors. Dell’s US and Canadian pages for the […]

Dell introduces Nickelodeon themed netbook

Asus isn’t the only company bringing a netbook aimed at kids to market. Dell has announced it’s launching a Nickelodeon-themed netbook that can be personalized with characters from TV shows including SpongeBob Squarepants and iCarly. A “green slime” edition is also available. The machines run Windows XP, but have a custom Nickelodeon theme built by […]