Lilbits: ARM computers, Linux phones, and the Pixel 2 rides off into the sunset

After rocking a Google Pixel 2 as my primary smartphone for the past three years, I took advantage of a Google Fi Black Friday promotion and traded in my phone for a brand new Pixel 4a 5G for $298 after trade-in. There were two reasons I decided the time was right to upgrade. First, my […]

Mobian is a Linux-based smartphone OS based on Debian

Now that there are a handful of smartphones designed to run GNU/Linux distributions, there are a growing number of developers creating phone-friendly operating systems. One of the latest is called Mobian, and while it’s not exactly a brand new distribution, it is a set of software that makes it possible to run the popular Debian operating […]

Debian Linux turns 25

Happy belated birthday Debian. Yesterday the pioneering free and open source operating system celebrated its 25th birthday. The first version of the GNU/Linux distribution was actually released on September 15th, 1993, but project founder Ian Murdock announced the “Debian Linux Release” to the world on August 16th of that year. Debian was one of the […]

Installing Linux app on Chromebooks gets easier with support for .deb packages

You can already run some Linux applications on some Chromebooks thanks to Google’s Project Crostini software. But as I noted when testing Crostini on the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 last month, the feature is still very much a work in progress. For now it’s not available if you’re using the stable channel version of Chrome […]

Debian Linux is now available in the Microsoft Store, runs on Windows 10

Linux-based operating systems like Ubuntu and Debian may be standalone operating systems. But thanks to an optional Windows 10 feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, it’s been possible to install them and run them from within a Windows environment without rebooting and without installing a virtual machine. Out of the box, all you get is […]

MaruOS 0.3 released (Android 6.0 smartphone ROM which also includes Debian Linux desktop OS)

Maru OS is an operating system that lets you run Android software on your phone… and connect the same phone to an external display to run desktop Linux software. An early build was unveiled in February. This summer the developer open sourced the project. And now there’s an updated version that makes the move from […]