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Google confirms that it’s done Daydreaming, pulls the plug on its Android VR platform

We’ve known since late last year that Google was pretty much done with its Daydream virtual reality platform. That’s when the company stopped selling the Daydream View VR headset and started shipping Pixel phones without Daydream support. Now the company has confirmed that Daydream VR software is no longer supported at all, and “may not […]

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Google’s Daydream VR platform is (all but) dead

Google seems to be pretty much pulling the plug on Daydream, its Android-based virtual reality platform. The company is no longer selling the Daydream View headset, and even if you already have one it won’t work with Google’s newest flagship phones. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL don’t support Daydream. Google says it’ll continue […]

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Daily Deals (8-01-2018)

Google’s Daydream virtual reality platform lets you transform your Android phone into a VR device by putting it into a headset and picking up a controller. While you could buy a standalone Daydream headset for a more seamless experience, the use-your-own-phone option is cheaper if you’ve already got a compatible handset. And while Google’s Daydream […]

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Samsung Galaxy S8 adds Daydream VR support

Samsung may sell its own Gear VR headsets for customers that want to use a Samsung phone as a virtual reality device. But now the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ also support Google’s Daydream View headset. Actually, it should support any Daydream-compatible headset. It’s just that Google is the only company to offer one […]

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Google makes it easier for developers to publish Daydream VR apps to the Play Store

Google’s Daydream platform lets you slide some recent Android phones into a compatible headset to run immersive virtual reality apps and games. But while there are some interesting games, video players, and other apps in the Play Store, the current list of Daydream-compatible Android apps is relatively small. That’s likely to change soon. Google is now allowing developers […]

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Hack adds Daydream VR support to Nexus 5X, other Android 7.0 phones

One of the new features baked into Android 7.1 is Daydream, Google’s new virtual reality platform that lets you watch 360-degree videos, play games, or sit in a virtual movie theater using your phone and a compatible headset like the $79 Daydream View. There are only a few phones that officially support the feature so […]

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Google Daydream gets HBO Now, Need for Speed apps (and more)

Google’s Daydream virtual reality platform turns supported smartphones into virtual reality devices (with the help of a Daydream View headset and remote). When I first tested Daydream, there were a few compelling apps for the platform, but in the weeks since launch we’ve seen more and more Daydream-compatible apps and games hit the Google Play Store. […]

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Moto Z smartphone is now Daydream-ready (VR)

The Motorola Moto Z line of smartphones were already rather unusual, thanks to their support for MotoMods which attach to the back of the phone to add features like extra battery life, a big speaker, or a pico projector. Now there’s something else that makes the Moto Z stand out: Lenovo says it’s the first […]