With Android apps coming to Chrome OS, is there room for Remix OS or Phoenix OS?

Over the past few years a number of companies have tried to turn Google Android into a desktop (or TV-focused) operating system by adding support for multi-window mode, among other things. Most recently, Chinese startups have launched Android-based operating systems like Remix OS and Phoenix OS which add a taskbar, desktop, and Windows-like multi-window functionality […]

On the LPX Show: A closer look at Remix OS

I’ve been covering Remix OS since Jide first introduced the operating system in early 2015. It’s an operating system that takes Google’s Android and turns it into a desktop operating system with a taskbar, desktop, and multi-window support and it’s come a long way in the year or so since it first launched. Originally available […]

Jide talks plans for 2016 (Remix OS for any PC, custom ROM for the Pixel C, and more)

It’s been about a year since Jide unveiled a desktop-friendly version of Android called Remix OS, and in that time the company has run two successful Kickstarter campaigns, launched a tablet and a inexpensive mini desktop, and worked with a number of device makers to load Remix OS on their devices. Now Jide is taking a […]