Lilbits: Cyberdecks, Chromebooks, Kindle jailbreaks, and Linux phones

William Gibson coined the word cyberdeck in his 1984 novel Neuromancer to describe a kind of mobile device that one could use to connect to cyberspace. These days most of us just use phones or PCs… but there’s a thriving community of folks making their own cyberdecks by combining modern tech with retro-futuristic aesthetics. One […]

Ready! Model 100 kit turns a Raspberry Pi into a portable cyberdeck (crowdfunding)

Small single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi are basically tiny, low-power desktop computers. But one of the advantages of their small size and low power consumption is that you can fit them just about anywhere and use them for the brains of all sorts of hardware. One of the latest examples? The Ready! Model 100 […]

Lisperati1000 is a DIY portable programming workstation with a mechanical keyboard

Sometimes you need a general purpose computer that can handle everything from document editing to gaming, with a bit of light meme stock trading thrown in for good measure. And sometimes you want a purpose-build device that’s designed to do one thing and do it well. Conrad Barski’s Lisperati1000 is a computer that falls in […]

Reviiser Cyberdeck is a DIY “portable” computer powered by a Raspberry Pi 4

Before there were laptop computers as we know them today, there were theoretically portable systems like theĀ Osborne 1 which included keyboards, tiny screens, disk drives and a case designed to be folded up so you could take the PC with you. You needed to plug in a battery for truly mobile computing though. We’ve come […]