Cyanogen Platform SDK lets developers build on CyanogenMod features

The open source CyanogenMod operating system is a customized version of Google Android which you can install on dozens of phones and tablets. CyanogenMod gives users more control over the behavior of their device… but now the developers of CyanogenMod also want to make it easier for app developers to integrate their software with core features of […]

Lilbits (5-01-2015): Building (another) open handheld game console

The developers of the DragonBox Pyra are designing a handheld game console with a 5 inch, 720p screen, an ARM Cortex-A15 processor, 2GB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a compact design, while still featuring game controller buttons and a QWERTY keyboard. The system is designed to be as open as possible, supporting GNU/Linux software. The project was unveiled over […]

CyanogenMod adds official support for Android One smartphones

Android One is Google’s program to help smartphone makers offer low-cost phones in developing markets (including Indiawith decent hardware and up-to-date software. Google offers device makers a list of compatible hardware to choose from and the software company provides the software and updates. But if you’d rather run different software, independent developers have been offering custom […]

OnePlus One coming to India, will drop Cyanogen OS soon after due to licensing rights

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus plans to begin shipping their first smartphone in India in December. The OnePlus One has been available to customers in other parts of the globe (in limited supplies) for months, and soon customers in India will be able to get their hands on the 5.5 inch phone with a 1080p display, […]

Cyanogen introduces Themes app for Cyanogen OS phones

The developers of the open source, Android-based CyanogenMod operating system have offered a theme engine for changing the color scheme, fonts, and other visual elements. Now that some of the lead developers of CyanogenMod are working on the commercial Cyanogen OS, they’re planning to bring enhanced support for themes to phones like the Oppo N1 […]

Now you can run CyanogenMod on Android One smartphones

Android One is Google’s initiative to help smartphone makers deliver inexpensive Android phones that provide a high quality user experience. Google provides the software and helps device makers choose hardware that’s known to work well, and the end result are phones that sell for around $100 and up and which feature software support and updates […]