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Cyanogen Platform SDK lets developers build on CyanogenMod features

The open source CyanogenMod operating system is a customized version of Google Android which you can install on dozens of phones and tablets. CyanogenMod gives users more control over the behavior of their device… but now the developers of CyanogenMod also want to make it easier for app developers to integrate their software with core features of […]

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Lilbits (5-01-2015): Building (another) open handheld game console

The developers of the DragonBox Pyra are designing a handheld game console with a 5 inch, 720p screen, an ARM Cortex-A15 processor, 2GB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a compact design, while still featuring game controller buttons and a QWERTY keyboard. The system is designed to be as open as possible, supporting GNU/Linux software. The project was unveiled over […]

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Cyanogen, Microsoft partnership means more Bing on Cyanogen OS phones

Cyanogen OS is an operating system for mobile devices that’s based on Google Android… but the makers of Cyanogen OS have been pretty vocal about plans to reduce their reliance on Google’s apps. Now the company has announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft, which means  future versions of the Android-based operating system could feature tight […]

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Cyanogen OS 12 released for the OnePlus One smartphone (based on Android 5.0)

The folks at OnePlus might have released their own version of Android 5.0 for the OnePlus One smartphone earlier this month. But if you’ve been waiting for the developers at Cyanogen to release their custom version of Android based on version 5.0, the wait is over. Cyanogen OS 12 is now available for the OnePlus One, […]

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OxygenOS brings Android 5.0 to the OnePlus One smartphone

The makers of the OnePlus One smartphone have released a software update that brings Android 5.0 Lollipop to the phone which has earned a reputation as an affordable, high-quality phone that’s kind of hard to actually buy. The new software is also the first official release of OxygenOS, which is the name of the custom version […]

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BLU smartphone with Cyanogen OS (and no Google apps) coming this year

The makers of Cyanogen OS haven’t been shy about their plans for the operating system: CEO Kirt McMaster wants the Android-based operating system to become a full-fledged rival to Google Android itself. A handful of smartphones including the OnePlus One, Micromax Yu, and upcoming Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+ ship with Cyanogen OS. But that basically mean […]

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Cyanogen OS 12 to bring per-app themes to Android 5.0 Lollipop

The folks at Cyanogen make a custom version of Google Android which ships on devices including the OnePlus One and Micromax Yu line of smartphones. One of the things that sets Cyanogen OS apart from Google’s Stock Android software is support for themes that can change the look and feel of your device… but sometimes you’ll […]

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Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+ is a $299 phablet with Cyanogen OS

Alcatel OneTouch is the latest company to partner with Cyanogen Inc to load that company’s custom version of Android onto a smartphone. The Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+ is a 6 inch smartphone with a full HD display, an octa-core processor, and Cyanogen OS software. It’ll be available in North America in the second quarter of […]

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Cyanogen OS to come on (some) Qualcomm Reference Design hardware

Cyanogen OS is a smartphone operating system that’s based on open source Google Android software, but which includes extra features and services including options that let users customize the look and feel of their devices. A handful of smartphones including the OnePlus One and handsets from Indian device maker Micromax currently ship with Cyanogen OS. […]