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Rockbox custom firmware for MP3 players gets first major update in 4 years

When you buy a Windows computer there’s a good chance that if you’d prefer to run a different operating system you can install a GNU/Linux distribution. Likewise you can replace the operating system on many Android phones with a custom ROM. There’s even custom firmware for some routers… and for some MP3 players (or digital […]

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Sony releases recovery mode firmware for (some) unlocked Xperia phones

Like most large companies that design Android smartphones, Sony customizes the software that ships on its Xperia line of phones with a custom user interface, a few special apps, and other changes that make the software on Sony phones look a little different from the software that runs on a Nexus phone. But for folks […]

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Make your PlayStation Portable look like an Android 5.0 device

Sony’s PlayStation Portable handheld game system might not have the hardware to run Google Android software… but if you’re not a fan of Sony’s user interface you can at least make a PSP look like it’s running Android 5.0. Developer Joel16 has created custom firmware for the PlayStation Portable which borrows heavily from Google’s Material Design language […]

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Custom ROM builds start work on Android 5.0 (CyanogenMod, OmniROM)

Phone makers like Motorola and LG aren’t the only ones working with the Android 5.0 source code Google released this month. Developers of custom ROMs including CyanogenMod and OmniROM are also working to merge Android 5.0 into their code, bringing better security, a new design language, and other improvements. It’ll take a little while before […]

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Coming soon: Install Sailfish OS on your Android phone or tablet

Sailfish OS is a Linux-based operating system designed for smartphones and other mobile devices. It’s based on the discontinued MeeGo Linux, includes a gesture-based user interface, and comes from the folks at Finnish company Jolla Mobile, which was founded by former Nokia execs. The first Jolla smartphone went on sale this week — but soon […]

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CyanogenMod Installer hits the Play Store, simplifies custom ROM installation

Want to install CyanogenMod on your phone or tablet, but don’t want to fiddle with unlocking your bootloader, learning how to use adb and fastboot, and other command line tools? CyanogenMod Installer is now available from the Google Play Store. Install and run the app, follow the instructions, and if you have a supported device, […]

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Kindle Fire HD hack: Bootloader bypass means custom recovery, custom ROMs coming soon

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet ships with a highly customized version of Google Android 4.0 that’s tied to Amazon’s app, music, book, and video stores. The 7 inch Kindle Fire HD has a 1280 x 800 pixel display and more storage than the original Kindle Fire… but unlike the 2011 model, the new Fire […]

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Archos Arnova 8 Android tablet hacked to include root access, Android Market

The Archos Arnova 8 Android tablet just went on sale in the US this week, but hackers have already built custom firmware for the tablet adding a few features you won’t find in the stock software — including access to the full Google Android Market. Like other Archos tablets, the Arnova 8 ships with the […]

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How to install any OS on the Google Cr-48 Chrome notebook

We’ve already seen that it’s possible to install Windows, OS X, or other operating systems on Google’s Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook. Now an independent developer by the name of Hexxeh has published a utility that makes the process pretty simple. I find this kind of funny, because Hexxeh has made a name for himself by […]