Intel: Classmate 3 coming soon

It seems like just yesterday that Intel announced a major update to its OLPC-not-quite-killer, the Classmate PC. Now the company is poised to shake things up for a second time this year. PC World is reporting that Intel will announce details of the Classmate 3 laptop next month. While the Classmate 2 has a larger […]

First look at the CTL IL1

CTL is probably best known (if they’re known at all) as the company developing the 2Go PC, the first computer built using the Intel Classmate 2 reference design. But CTL also recently announced that it would be bringing the IL1 to American shores. The IL1 bears a superficial resemblance to the original Asus Eee PC, […]

CTL IL1: The American Dreambook

CTL, the company behind the 2Go PC, plans to bring another low-cost ultraportable laptop to market soon: The CTL IL1. Gizmodo got their hands on a few photos of this computer, and it seemed might familiar, so I dug into the ole Liliputing/Eee Site archives, and found a post about the Dreambook Light IL1, a […]

Comparing the Mini-Note, Eee PC, and Classmate keyboards

While plenty of web sites have put the HP Mini-Note, Asus Eee PC, and other low-cost ultraportables through the paces with benchmarks, comparisons of video performance, and startup times, the folks at Laptop Magazine have been asking another crucial question: Which ultraportable has the best keyboard? Laptop happens to have access to an Eee PC, […]