CTL launches NL61T rugged touchscreen Chromebooks for $269 and up

Educational computer provider CTL is launching two new Chromebooks for use in classrooms. Both feature full HD touchscreen displays and Intel Celeron N3160 quad-core processors. But the $299 CLT NLS61TX Chromebook has one feature the $269 CTL NL61T Chromebook does not: a pressure resistant cover that reduces the risk of damage. The cover also works as […]

CTL J5 is a ruggedized Chromebook convertible

Few OEMs have embraced Chromebooks the way CTL has. They released several models last year, and they’ve just added a new convertible model to their line-up. Their latest Chrome OS portable is the J5. It features a 360 degree hinge like Lenovo’s Yoga laptops (and numerous others) that allow it to be used as a […]

CTL launches $269 NL6x rugged Chomebook

At first glance the CTL NL6x Chromebook looks a lot like other laptops with Chrome OS. It has an 11.6 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel display, an Intel Celeron N2940 processor, and 16GB of storage. But there are a few things that help set this $269 model apart. First, it’s one of a few Chromebooks […]

Chromebooks with Rockchip processors are priced at $149 and up

Google and several computer makers are introducing a new line of Chrome OS laptops featuring Rockchip RK3288 ARM Cortex-A17 quad-core processors and low price tags. In fact, Haier and Hisense are each launching new Chromebooks with starting prices of $149. These aren’t the first Chrome OS laptops to feature ARM-based processors. Samsung launched a line […]

CTL Education Chromebook is a rugged, fanless Bay Trail Chrome laptop

CTL is launching a new Chromebook featuring an 11.6 inch display, an Intel Celeron N2930 quad-core Bay Trail processor, and a fanless design. The $279 Chromebook is aimed at the education market, but it’s available for anyone to purchase from the CTL Website. The CTL Education Chromebook also features a rugged design which makes it […]