Report: Microsoft is working on a “modern” version of Windows 10 code-named Polaris… but you might not want it

What would Windows 10 look like if you stripped the legacy code that’s been around for decades and created a streamlined, modern version of the operating system optimized to run Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps? It looks like we might find out, because Windows Central reports that Microsoft is working on just that. It’s a […]

Windows CShell unifies the desktop, tablet, phone user interface

Microsoft’s Windows operating systems for phones, PCs, Xbox, and even Hololens share a lot of DNA under the hood. But going from a Windows notebook to a Windows phone isn’t entirely seamless, since there are some key differences in the user interface. But Microsoft is working on a new “shell” that would basically bring the […]

Report: Windows 10 update will bring the same “adaptive shell” UI to phones, tablets, Xbox, and other devices

Windows 10 may be Microsoft’s operating system for a wide range of devices including PCs, tablets, smartphones, the Xbox One game console, and the wearable HoloLens augmented reality computer. But while all of those devices use the same Windows OneCore subsystem, the user interface varies from platform to platform thanks to a series of different […]