2nd-gen Eve V is bigger, faster, and up for pre-order

After launching a crowd-developed Windows tablet in 2017 that was designed with input from potential customers, Eve is back with a new model featuring updated hardware and features. The new Eve V (2021) tablet has a 13.4 inch display with edge-to-edge glass, an Intel Tiger Lake processor, Thunderbolt 4 ports, and Windows Hello biometric login support […]

2nd-gen Eve V is a 13.4 inch tablet with an Intel Tiger Lake processor

When the original Eve V tablet shipped in 2017, the tablet showed that a PC designed by committee… wasn’t actually such a bad thing. By soliciting input from potential customers when choosing the tablet’s features and design, the folks at Eve Tech put out a pretty decent Windows 10 device aimed at enthusiasts. Unfortunately the […]

Next-gen Eve V tablet design concepts unveiled (crowd-developed tablet)

The folks behind the Eve V tablet that started shipping in 2017 (and then ran into some speed bumps) are gearing up to launch their second tablet. But the design and features for the Eve V gen 2 haven’t been finalized yet — because unlike most PC makers, Eve solicits community input through its forums […]

Eve unveils next-gen 2-in-1 tablet design concepts, solicits community feedback

As promised, the makers of the Eve V tablet are developing a follow-up… and as with all of the company’s products to date, the folks at Eve are soliciting community feedback to help finalize the design details. Does a 2-in-1 tablet need to have a Thunderbolt port and support for an external GPU? Do you need […]

Eve Tech is crowd-developing a mini PC, monitor, headphones, and docking station

Plenty of companies turn to crowdfunding in order to raise the cash needed to manufacturer and ship their products. Eve Tech made a splash a few years ago by doing something a little different — the company “crowd developed” a Windows tablet by incorporating feedback from potential customers along the way… and then launching a crowdfunding […]

Eve V tablet hits shipping delays, may get screen upgrade as a result

The Eve V tablet is basically what you’d get if Microsoft had polled run a series of surveys asking users what they want before shipping a Surface tablet. Because that’s pretty much exactly what Eve Tech did when designing this crowdfunded tablet, which had been set to ship earlier this year. Obviously the company didn’t […]

Voting is open for ZTE’s crowd-sourced gadget contest (Project CSX)

ZTE plans to launch a new product in 2017, but the company doesn’t actually know what it’ll be yet. That’s because the Chinese consumer electronics company is running a competition where users vote on a set of concepts submitted by other users. The crowd-sourced gadget campaign is called Project CSX, and last month the list […]

ZTE’s CSX crowd-sourcing finalists: eye-tracking phone, robotic glove, underwater VR headset

ZTE has been asking the public to help it come up with ideas for new products, and now the company has announced three finalists from its Project CSX effort to crowd-source product design. Those finalists include a phone designed to be easy to use without touching it, thanks to an eye-tracking system, a smart glove […]