Crowdfunding: xScreen portable display turns the xBox Series S into a gaming laptop (sans the battery)

There’s no shortage of portable displays that you can plug into a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other gear when you need some extra screen space on the go. And theoretically there’s nothing stopping you from plugging those screens into an xBox or any other game console. But the new xScreen is a portable display designed just […]

Next batch of AYA Neo handheld gaming PCs will have improved hardware (Update: free upgrade kits for first 500 backers)

The AYA Neo is a handheld gaming computer with a 7 inch touchscreen display wedged between a set of game controllers and an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor with Radeon Vega 6 graphics powering the system. It went up for pre-order through a crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, and the developers have shipped more than […]

This multifunction keyboard has a built-in 12.6 inch touchscreen display (crowdfunding)

Looking for a keyboard that you can plug into your PC, smartphone, or tablet? There’s no shortage of options. Want a portable display? There are growing number of those available too. But the FICIHIP Multifunctional Keyboard stands out as one of the first accessories I’ve seen that combines a keyboard and touchscreen display into a single […]

Lilbits: An ePaper dev board, a small(er) BlackBerry clone, and Amazon’s continued crackdown on pay-to-play reviews

Another day, another set of products disappeared from the Amazon website as the company continues to take actions against sellers that pay for positive user reviews. This time it looks like TaoTronics and Vava devices have been removed… which is unsurprising since they share the same parent company as RAVPower, whose products were also removed […]

Atari VCS Linux-based game console hits stores June 15 for $300 and up

The Atari VCS is a modern game console with a retro-inspired look, a Linux-based operating system, and the guts of an inexpensive computer. Designed for playing classic games as well as some newer titles, you can also use it like a cheap Linux desktop PC. First launched through a crowdfunding campaign in 2018, the Atari […]

ReVolt brings USB power to gadgets designed for alkaline batteries (crowdfunding)

Have an old Game Boy, portable cassette or CD player, or other gadgets designed to run on alkaline batteries, but hate buying disposable batteries? One solution is to switch to rechargeables. Another? Switch to USB power. Of course, that second option is easier said than done. But a new Kickstarter campaign aims to make it […]

JingPad A1 Linux tablet crowdfunding begins June 15th for $549 (or less for beta testers)

The JingPad A1 is an 11 inch tablet with an 11 inch tablet with an octa-core processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, and touchscreen-friendly Linux distribution called JingOS. First unveiled in April, the makers of the tablet have now announced that it will be available for pre-order for $549 starting June 15th through an […]

GPD Win 3 handheld gaming PC with Tiger Lake is now available from stores

After going up for pre-order through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, the GPD Win 3 handheld gaming computer is now available for purchase from retail stores. Powered by an Intel Tiger Lake processor with Intel Iris Xe graphics, the little computer features a 5.5 inch touchscreen display centered between game controllers. The display […]