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Bunnie Huang’s Novena open laptop stretch goals: 3D graphics drivers, hardware breakout boards and more

The makers of the Novena laptop wanted to build a PC unlike anything on the market. While there are plenty of laptops that can run open source operating systems like Ubuntu or Fedora, the Novena is designed from the ground up with openness in mind. The hardware schematics are available to the public, and there are […]

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foobar2000 music player goes mobile (via crowdfunding… maybe)

Foobar2000 is one of the most popular music players for Windows PCs. The free media player has a simple but customizable user interface, support for a wide range of audio codecs, CD ripping, keyboard shortcuts, and more. Now the developers want to bring foobar2000 want to bring their software to mobile devices. They’ve launched a […]

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Habey unveils HIO Project ARM board, launches HIO Wallpad home automation Kickstarter campaign

Habey makes small form-factor, fanless computers for industrial use. Now the company is getting into the Maker/independent developer space with the HIO Project. The HIO system is a modular computer board with a Freescale i.MX6 ARM Cortex-A9 dual or quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of built-in storage, plus HDMI and USB connectors, a […]

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Lilbits (3-27-2014): Amazon TV box launching April 2nd?

Amazon’s almost certainly working on a set-top box that will let you stream videos, play games, and possibly run other apps on your TV.  Details about the device have been leaking for months… and now it looks like Amazon might be getting ready to put the rumors to rest and officially unveil its TV box. The […]

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TransMaker is a tablet dock for the Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 (crowdfunding)

Samsung sells some of the most popular Android phones and tablets on the market… but if you don’t feel like spending your money on both a Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet, there may be another option. Chinese company Shenzhen Migoal has developed a tablet dock called the TransMaker for Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 phones. The […]

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Neptune Pine smartwatch (or watchphone) could launch in January, 2014

The Neptune Pine smartwatch is a wearable Android device that’s more like a phone with a wrist strap than a watch with smart functions. While smartwatches like the Pebble, Samsung Galaxy Gear, and Qualcomm Toq are designed to show notifications from your phone, the Neptune Pine can be your phone, letting you make calls, surf the […]