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Recently on Mobiputing (6-17-11)

Mobile hardware is cool and all, but you know what’s really cool? Software. Here’s a roundup of some of the coolest mobile apps we’ve covered at Mobiputing over the last 7 days: DualWeb Browser for Android tabelts lets you view two web pages at once Sure, the nice big screen on your Honeycomb tablet is […]

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Previously on Mobiputing

You can always find the latest news and reviews on mobile apps by visiting in a desktop browser or mobile browser. Now after spending a year covering mobile apps, Mobiputing finally has one of its own. You can download out first Android app from the Android Market. An iPhone version is coming soon. And […]

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iXonos shows off 3D interface for Meego

While I’m still not convinced that most “3D” interfaces offer any real advantages over the 2D interfaces we’re all used to on our devices, they do tend to look pretty cool. If you’re a Meego fan, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the video from Netbooknews of an iXonos concept application which we […]