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Google Cr-48 Chromebook can run Windows 8… with a little tweaking

The Google Cr-48 is the first notebook that was designed to run Google’s Chrome operating system. It never actually went on sale in the US, but Google distributed thousands of the laptops starting late last year as part of a pilot project before Samsung and Acer brought commercial Chromebooks to market in 2011. While the […]

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Google bestows free Chromebooks on Pilot Program “gurus”

The first time Google handed out free Chromebooks, the computers hadn’t even been given a retail-friendly name yet. The Cr-48 was shipped off to select members of the technology press corps and later to enthusiasts who registered via the Web to join the Pilot Program. Google’s goal: to get the Cr-48 deployed to a group […]

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How to install any OS on the Google Cr-48 Chrome notebook

We’ve already seen that it’s possible to install Windows, OS X, or other operating systems on Google’s Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook. Now an independent developer by the name of Hexxeh has published a utility that makes the process pretty simple. I find this kind of funny, because Hexxeh has made a name for himself by […]

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Google Cr-48 laptop goes under the knife

Sure, the Google Cr-48 laptop is a device for early adopters who want to test Chrome OS, not the general public. But aren’t you a little curios to know what it looks like under the hood? Apparently you’re not alone, because Engadget has published a series of photos from a user who received the laptop […]

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Flash video stinks on Google Cr-48 notebooks, Adobe’s working on it

The first Cr-48 Google Chrome notebooks began arriving today, and while by all accounts the hardware is well designed and the operating system is simple to use and fast to boot, there’s one glaring problem: Adobe Flash support seems to stink at the moment. Like the latest versions of the Google Chrome web browser, Chrome […]