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Intel updates ultrabook specs, unveils new ultrabook processors

Intel has introduced 14 new dual core processors as part of its 3rd generation Core family chip lineup. These processors join the quad-core CPUs the company introduced last month. While 6 of the new chips are aimed at desktops, the rest are 17W and 35W chips aimed at notebooks and ultrabooks. It’s likely that the […]

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AMD launches next-generation low power chips

AMD has unveiled its new line of CPU and GPU products, with a heavy emphasis on low power chips for netbooks, ultraportable laptops, and low power desktops. Probably the most interesting new chips in AMD’s lineup are the new Fusion chips which combine graphics and CPU functions onto a single chip. We’ve been hearing about […]

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Rockchip introduces new low power chip for Android tablets

Chinese chip maker Rockchip is introducing a new 1GHz CPU for tablets and other mobile devices. The Rockchip RK2808 is an ARM-based chip with support for 256MB of memory and screen resolutions up to 1024 x 768 pixels. We’ve seen a number of Chinese tablets with Rockchip processors in the past, but most have been […]

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Chip news: ARM launches 2GHz chip, AMD introduces affordable quad-core CPU

Chip makers ARM and AMD both launched interesting products today. ARM is introducing a new 2GHz chip based on its Cortex A9 dual core architecture. While 2GHz may be old hat for companies like Intel and AMD, that’s blazing fast for a chip maker best known for producing low power processors for cellphones and mobile […]

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Intel to NVIDIA: We don’t want to share chip space

You know how NVIDIA recently announced plans for a platform that would combine the Intel Atom low power CPU with an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M GPU to provide enhanced video performance on netbooks and low power notebooks? Yeah, apparently they forgot to run that whole thing by Intel before unveiling the plan publicly. DigiTimes reports that […]