Report: Microsoft is working on a dual-screen device code-named “Centaurus”

Foldable devices are all the rage these days. A bunch of major phone makers plan to launch foldable phones with flexible displays in the next year or so. And in the laptop/tablet space, Lenovo already has a line of dual-screen devices, while Intel and Asus showed off prototypes earlier this year. Now it looks like Microsoft […]

Microsoft pulling the plug on the Courier tablet?

Hopefully you weren’t getting too excited about the Microsoft Courier — that fancy dual-screen tablet they’ve been somewhat secretly working on for quite some time. According to Gizmodo, the Courier will probably never see the light of day. In their post, Giz states that executives at Microsoft have informed the Courier team that the project […]

DIY Courier tablet consists of Dell Mini 9 + 2 touchscreens

Anxious to get your hands on Microsoft’s upcoming Courier tablet, but don’t feel like waiting for Microsoft to actually release it? MyDellMini forum member pakkei feels your pain. But instead of sitting on his butt, he decided to do something about it and built his own Courier-like device. Basically, he took apart a Dell Inspiron […]

Microsoft Courier user interface spelled out

Those crazy kids at Gizmodo either have an incredibly reliable source inside Microsoft that keeps slipping them details about the company’s upcoming Courier tablet with dual touchscreen displays, or the whole thing is part of an elaborate hoax. Either way, Gizmodo has published the latest leaked document about the Courier, and this one details exactly […]

Rumor: Microsoft Courier tablet will run Windows 7, but not most Windows 7 apps

More details are emerging about that Microsoft tablet prototype that we first glimpsed a few days ago. Everything’s still firmly in the rumor category for now, but Gizmodo published a second concept video this morning which definitely gives the impression that the Courier is designed to be a glorified day planner and not necessarily a […]

Microsoft, dozens of others trying to revive the tablet PC concept

Touchscreens. They make a lot of sense on cellphones and handheld devices. They make sense for artists looking for a precise way to draw on a screen without a mouse. And they make sense for tablet-style devices without keyboards, because how else are you going to click or enter text? But I’m still not entirely […]