Cosmo Communicator can now dual boot Linux and Android (smartphone/handheld PC)

The Cosmo Communicator is a smartphone that looks like a tiny laptop thanks to a design that includes a backlit keyboard that’s just (barely) big enough for touch typing. First unveiled in late 2018, the Cosmo Communicator began shipping to backers of a crowdfunding campaign late last year… but one promised feature was missing at […]

Hands-on with the Cosmo Communicator smartphone/mini laptop

Planet Computers hopes to ship its second handheld PC/smartphone in June, and the company is showing off some early prototypes at the Consumer Electronics Show. The Cosmo Communicator is basically an updated version of the Gemini PDA that company released last year. Like its predecessor, it’s a clamshell device that you can open to reveal a […]

Planet Computer’s Cosmo Communicator smartphone is also a tiny laptop (crowdfunding)

The Cosmo Communicator is a pocket-sized device that has a clamshell-style design that lets you use it like a tiny laptop. Flip open the lid and you’ve got a 6 inch touchscreen display and a QWERTY keyboard. But the Cosmo Communicator is also a smartphone. Close the lid and you can hold it to your […]