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Lilbits: What to expect when you’re expecting Apple’s XR headset

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) kicks of Monday. And everybody expect the company to use this as the coming out party for the mixed reality headset Apple has been working for years. We’ll also probably hear some news about new Macs, iPhones, iPads, and software updates, but Apple’s first truly new product category in […]

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Lilbits: Apple leaks ahead of WWDC (iPads to work more like laptops, Macs with M2) and gaming performance of Intel’s Celeron 7305 and Pentium 8505

Chinese PC makers AYA and AYN have both announced plans to offer budget handheld gaming computers that undercut Valve’s Steam Deck on price by using AMD Mendocino or Intel’s entry-level Alder Lake-U processors. While we don’t know much about the performance of AMD’s chip yet, YouTuber Taki Udon has already begun running gaming tests on […]

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Purism Librem Mini is now shipping (Linux mini PC with Intel Whiskey Lake CPU)

The Purism Librem Mini is a 5″ x 5″ x 1.5″ desktop computer with an Intel Core i7-8565U quad-core processor and support for up to 64GB of RAM. It also ships with PureOS, a GNU/Linux distribution that emphasizes privacy, security, and free and open source software. Pre-orders for the Librem Mini began in March, and now […]

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System76 launches two Linux with Comet Lake chips and Coreboot

Linux computer company System76 is updating its laptop lineup with its first two models to ship with 10th-gen Intel Core “Comet Lake” processors. The new 14 inch Galago Pro and 15.6 inch Darter Pro  laptops also ship with the open source Coreboot firmware rather than a proprietary BIOS. As Phoronix points out, these laptops still have […]

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Purism’s Linux laptops now ship with Intel Management Engine disabled

Most computers that ship with recent Intel processors include something called Intel Management Engine, which enables hardware-based security, power management, and remote configuration features that are not tied to the operating system running on your PC. For free software proponents, this has been a pain in the behind, because it’s a closed-source, proprietary feature designed […]

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Next-gen Chromebooks could feature 5-second boot times

A few days ago we saw evidence that next-generation laptops designed to run Google Chrome OS might feature Coreboot technology allowing for super-speedy boot times. Now the folk sat Netbook News have seen the technology in action, and it’s pretty impressive. The caught a Samsung Chromebook prototype going from 0 to a login screen in […]