Intel Whiskey Lake-U and Amber Lake-Y chips coming this year

Intel’s next-gen chips for laptops, tablets, and convertibles are on their way, and the company says you can expect “double-digit” performance gains… even though the new processors are still part of the company’s 8th-gen Core lineup and still manufactured using a 14nm process. While we didn’t learn a lot about the new Amber Lake-Y and […]

Intel launches a slightly faster Core M3 Kaby Lake CPU (and a new 4.5 watt Core i5 chip too)

Intel launched the Core M line of processors a few years ago, to offer a low-power chip that offers significantly better performance than the company’s Atom processors. Core M chips can be used in fanless computers and/or offer opportunities for long battery life due to their low power consumption. When Intel launched its 7th-gen Core […]

Some Intel Kaby Lake-Y benchmarks (4.5 watt Core i5-7Y54)

Intel’s 7th-Gen Core processor family for laptops can be divided into two categories: there are 15 watt Kaby Lake-U series chips that offer higher performance, and 4.5 watt Kaby Lake-Y chips that are designed for use in thin and light computer, often with fanless designs. For the past few chip generations, Intel has branded its Y […]

Acer Swift 7 is a 2.5 pound notebook that measure 0.4 inches thick (coming in October for $999)

The thinnest and lightest member of Acer’s new Swift notebook lineup is a model that measures 0.39 inches thick, and which weighs about 2.5 pounds. The Acer Swift 7 also happens to be the most expensive member of Acer’s new line of notebooks. It’s expected to sell for $999 and up when it goes on sale […]

Kaby Lake is here: Intel launches 7th-gen Core chips for laptops and 2-in-1 tablets

Intel began shipping 7th-gen Core chips to device makers this summer, and now the company is finally ready to explain what makes the new processors tick. The company is launching new 4.5 watt and 15 watt, dual-core chips based on “Kaby Lake” architecture. They’re expected to show up in laptops, 2-in-1 tablets, and low-power desktops […]

Leaked Intel Kaby Lake, Apollo Lake details suggest confusing names for next-gen low-power chips

Intel doesn’t have a great track record of giving its processors names that are easy to understand. Theoretically you should be able to look at the name and have a rough idea of the price and performance you should expect from a processor, but in recent years the waters have been kind of muddy: some […]

Dell’s new Inspiron 11 convertible: Up to Core M3 CPU, up to 4GB RAM, up to 500GB storage

The Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series line of notebooks are relatively small, inexpensive laptops. But the latest additions to the family feature some significant upgrades. In January Dell began selling a model with an Intel Braswell processor and a starting price of $199. But now you can opt for a convertible model with a touchscreen […]

Early look at Intel’s Compute Stick with a Core M Skylake processor

Intel’s Compute Stick line of computers are tiny PCs that are small enough to slide into your pocket, but powerful enough to plug into the HDMI port of your TV to run Windows 10 on virtually any display. In 2015 Intel launched a model with an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor, and earlier in 2016 the […]

Intel’s new Compute Stick is a Core M Skylake-powered PC Stick

Zotac, Asus, and others may be launching PC sticks with Intel Atom Cherry Trail processors. But Intel is going a step further and launching a new line of Intel Compute Stick mini PCs featuring more powerful Core M Skylake processors. Update: The company also has its own new Cherry Trail models. Pricing has also been announced. The […]