GrapheneOS is an Android-based, security-hardened, open source operating system

There’s a new(ish) smartphone operating system aimed at folks who want to be able to run Android apps, but want additional security and privacy features. It’s called GrapheneOS, and it comes from Daniel Micay, the former lead developer of another security-based Android fork called CopperheadOS. After the founders of Copperhead had a falling out last […]

Future of CopperheadOS looks murky (security-hardened Android)

For the past few years CopperheadOS has been providing an Android-based operating system designed with an emphasis on security and privacy. It features a security-hardened kernel, stronger sandboxing, and a number of other features designed for heightened security. But now it looks like the future of the operating system (and the company that makes it) […]

Now you can buy a Pixel phone with CopperheadOS hardened security (for $1049 and up)

CopperheadOS is a security-hardened operating system that’s based on Google Android. The developers behind the operating system promise protection from zero-day exploits, enhanced browser security, stronger sandboxing and isolation of apps and services, and other enhancements. You can download the CopperheadOS ROM and install it on a number of Google Nexus phones and tablets. But […]

CopperheadOS is now selling Nexus phones with security-hardened OS (for premium prices)

CopperheadOS is a security-hardened version of Google Android that’s designed to offer protection from zero-day vulnerabilities, stronger sandboxing of apps and services to help protect your data, a firewall, MAC randomization, and other tools designed to make Android more secure. It’s an open source project based on Android Open Source Project code, and you can download and […]

F-Droid, Copperhead, Guardian Project partner to create a security-focused, Android-based ecosystem

Google’s Android operating system may be based on open source software, but most Android phones ship with a lot of proprietary apps and services (like Google’s own Gmail, Maps, and Play Store). But there are a number of initiatives designed to make Android more open… and many also claim to make it more secure. Now […]

CopperheadOS wants to bring better security to Android

Recent versions of Google Android may have built-in support for encryption, lock screen passwords, and fingerprint authentication. But it’s always possible for an operating system to be more secure… and since Android is open source, we’ve seen several attempts to tighten security. Samsung’s KNOX software is one effort, while Silent Circle has created an entire fork […]