Gigabyte to launch slate PC next year, 11.6 inch convertible tablet today

Gigabyte introduced a new 11.6 inch convertible tablet called the M1125 earlier this year. At first glance it looks like an ultraportable laptop, but you can rotate the touchscreen display and fold it down over the keyboard for use in tablet mode. The computer has a 1366 x 768 pixel display, a full sized keyboard, […]

Dell previews the DUO 10 inch convertible tablet-style notebook

We’ve seen a lot of companies introduce slate-style tablets without physical keyboards over the past few months, but once upon a time the words “tablet computer” brought up a different image — of a laptop with touchscreen display that you could fold down over the keyboard. Despite all the buzz around slates, and the launch […]

Gigabyte’s tablet plans – Video

Gigabyte is showing off its new 11.6 inch M1125 convertible tablet-style notebook at Computex this week, and the folks at caught up with Gigabyte to take a quick look. While the tablet doesn’t actually boot in the video below, you can get a pretty decent idea of the size and design. While the Gigabyte […]

Gigabye M1125: 11.6 inch convertible tablet with Intel Core i-series processor

Gigabyte is set to launch an 11.6 inch convertible tablet at Computex next week. The company is no stranger to thin and light convertible tablets. The Gigbayte M912 8.9 inch convertible tablet-style netbook was launched way back in 2008. And Gigabyte followed it up with a few 10 inch models. Now Gigabyte is upping upping […]

Dell may be working on convertible netbook tablet, ARM-based netbook

Dell isn’t doing such a great job of keeping their product road maps confidential these days. A few days ago we learned about a new 7 inch tablet called the Looking Glass with an NVIDIA Tegra chip. Engadget published details for three unannounced Dell smartphones. And now Android Central has uncovered a product road map […]