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Next-gen netbooks could serve double-duty as tablets

Intel is reportedly hoping computer makers will blur the lines between netbooks and tablets soon. The company’s next-generation Intel Atom chips will be appropriate for standard netbooks with 10 inch screens and keyboards, but Fudzilla reports they may also show up in convertible netbooks with touchscreen displays that can be folded down over the keyboard, […]

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Closer look at the Gigabyte T1005M convertible netbook

The Gigabyte T1005M is a 10 inch mini-laptop with a touchscreen display that you can fold down over the keyboard or use in tablet mode. What sets it apart from earlier Gigabyte convertible netbooks, the T1005M has a dual core Intel Atom N550 processor and a capacitive touchscreen display. Earlier models has resistive displays and […]

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Gigabyte T1000 convertible netbook with Pine Trail CPU coming soon

Taiwanese PC maker Gigabyte briefly added a product page to its web site for a new convertible tablet-stylenetbook called the T1000 today. And then it removed the page. Fortunately, you can still see Google’s cached version of the page. The Gigabyte T1000 looks like an upgraded version of the Gigabyte T1028X TouchNote. Like the TouchNote […]