Compal’s FullVision is a dual-screen laptop (or laptop + standalone tablet)

Dual-screen laptops are all the rage these days, but while most companies have taken the boring approach of putting the second screen where the keyboard is, Compal’sĀ FullVision laptop puts two screens in your line of sight while keeping the keyboard unaffected. The design is much more like the experience of using two desktop monitors at […]

Lenovo’s latest concept products include AR headset and a smart speaker

Lenovo is probably best known for its laptops, and maybe to a lesser degree for its smartphones (because folks probably forget that Lenovo owns Motorola). But the company is looking ahead to the future with a series of new concept products, all based around artificial intelligence. At the company’s Lenovo Tech World event, Lenovo is […]

Voting is open for ZTE’s crowd-sourced gadget contest (Project CSX)

ZTE plans to launch a new product in 2017, but the company doesn’t actually know what it’ll be yet. That’s because the Chinese consumer electronics company is running a competition where users vote on a set of concepts submitted by other users. The crowd-sourced gadget campaign is called Project CSX, and last month the list […]

Sony unveils Future Lab concepts including next-gen wearables, projectors, and more

Sony recently unveiled a new “Future Lab Program” to show off prototypes of some of the concept devices the company is working on. And some of the first Future Lab concepts are on display at this year’s SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. Engadget spent a little time checking out the prototypes, and seems impressed by […]