Qualcomm patent details all-in-one folding tablet, phone, netbook

Part of the reason smartphone have largely replaced PDAs over the last few years is that there are a growing number of activities that require an always-on internet connection. But another reason is that people don’t like carrying around two or three devices when they can stuff just one item in their pocket. Who needs […]

Smartbook concept uses smartphone as a pocketable QWERTY keyboard

With 50 or more tablets set to hit the market soon, starting with the iPad, there’s one thing that many people will notice is missing: keyboards. Sure, these tablets will have on-screen keyboards. And I dare say computer peripheral makers will be pumping out USB and Bluetooth keyboard accessories like nobody’s business. But the crazy […]

MSI’s Projector PC concept packs an entire PC into a projector case

You know what happens when PCs get smaller and smaller? It gets easier to cram a complete PC into other products that were once thought of as peripherals. Case in point: MSI’s Projector PC. Basically, this concept machine takes a low power computer and shoves it inside a somewhat standard looking projector. This lets you […]

This isn’t the Apple tablet/netbook, but it sure is pretty

There’s been a lot of talk about a possible Apple netbook, or touchscreen tablet, or something. Apple executives have repeatedly state that the iPhone is currently the company’s entry into the mobile, low cost space and that today’s netbooks are “junky.” But word on the street is that Apple has also placed orders for a […]