Compal’s Dual Cylindrical 360 is a weird, super-thin convertible tablet concept

In some ways convertible tablet-style laptops give you the best of both worlds. You have a full-fledged laptop that you can also use as a tablet by pushing the display back 360 degrees so that it’s back-to-back with the keyboard. But laptops with this type of 360-degree display are typically thicker and heavier than standalone […]

ZTE Axon V and Axon S Slider have unusual solutions to the smartphone not problem

As smartphone makers have been moving toward nearly bezel-free smartphones, they have to figure out what to do with the components that you’d normally squeeze into a bezel, like cameras. So far the most popular solution has been to put a notch in the display. More recently, some phone makers have removed the bezels and […]

Hate smartphone notches? How about a hole in the display?

In an attempt to give phones a higher screen-to-body ratio, most major smartphone companies have settled on a solution: phones with taller screens and slimmer bezels… often with a display that wraps around a camera cut-out, or notch. A few companies, including Vivo and Oppo have figured out how nearly eliminate the top bezel without […]

Intel “Pocket PC” prototype is a phone-sized Windows tablet with Kaby Lake-Y

Intel is showing off a number of concept devices, prototypes, and reference designs at Computex this week, including the Tiger Rapids dual-screen concept that’s paving the way for devices like the upcoming Lenovo Yoga Book 2 and Asus Project Precog. But Notebook Italia also got details about a 2-year-old prototype that Intel calls a “Pocket […]

ZTE Iceberg has 2 notches (top and bottom for front-facing stereo speakers)

Notches may be the controversial smartphone design trend of the year. But it looks like ZTE is thinking about going all-in on an upcoming phone by including not just a notch at the top of the screen, but a second one at the bottom. The Chinese device maker has submitted pictures of an unreleased phone […]

Vivo Apex concept phone is nearly all screen, has a pop-up camera and in-display fingerprint sensor

Phone and laptop makers have been shrinking screen bezels over the past few years, but that raises the question of what to do with the things that used to hang out in the bezels, like cameras, home buttons, and fingerprint sensors. While most phone makers have been moving the fingerprint sensors to the back of […]

Project Linda dock turns Razer smartphone into a notebook (concept device)

It wouldn’t be the consumer electronics show of Razer didn’t show up with a flashy concept device that may or may not ever come to market. This year it’s the Project Linda laptop dock for the company’s Razer smartphone. At first glance, Project Linda looks like a laptop. But peer a little closer and you’ll […]

Lenovo 25th anniversary ThinkPad coming this fall (won’t look like this)

Lenovo unveiled a new set of computers and services aimed at business and enterprise users today… and the company also teased something that it’s not ready to launch yet. October marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the first ThinkPad computer, and the company plans to offer a limited-edition ThinkPad laptop with “throwback” features […]