Compal Armer is a dual-screen laptop for artists (that doesn’t sacrifice a physical keyboard)

Some dual-screen laptops are really more like dual-screen tablets that forego a physical keyboard to make room for the second screen. While Microsoft and Dell have come up with workarounds, like a detachable keyboard that rests on top of one display when you want to type, the Compal Armer laptop takes a different approach. At first […]

Compal Flex Book is a foldable tablet with a laptop dock

Dell unveiled a concept tablet with a foldable OLED display at CES in January, and Lenovo promised to actually bring one to market later this year. Meanwhile Taiwanese manufacturer Compal has unveiled a Flex Book design that combines elements of a foldable tablet and a 2-in-1 laptop. At first glance the Flex Book looks like a […]

Compal Voyager laptop puts an expandable 13 inch keyboard in an 11 inch body

Over the past few years the bezels around laptop screens have shrunk to the point where I’ve stopped paying attention when PC makers claim that they’ve stuffed a 14 inch display into a 13 inch laptop body. That’s just what a 14 inch laptop looks like now. But there’s only so small a laptop can […]

Intel unveils “Horseshoe Bend” concept with a 17 inch foldable display

The first mobile PCs with foldable displays are set to ship this year, likely starting with the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold with its 13.3 inch foldable screen. But Intel says it’s been hearing that some customers want an even larger display in a portable package — so the company developed a design for an even larger […]

OnePlus Concept One smartphone’s “invisible cameras” hide when not in use

While some smartphone makers have been working on ways to hide the front-facing camera by placing it behind the screen, OnePlus has developed a concept smartphone that hides the rear cameras for some reason. The company plans to show off the Oneplus Concept One smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show next week, and while we’ll probably have […]

Intel’s new gaming notebook prototype has 2 screens + 2 hinges

You know how Asus just introduced a set of dual-screen laptops with one regular display and a second ultra-wide one above the keyboard? Intel’s showing off one of those too… except the Intel Honeycomb Glacier prototype is more of a concept device for a next-gen gaming laptop And the second screen arguably isn’t even the […]

Asus unveils 30th-anniversary edition ZenFone 6, ZenBook, and Prime X299 motherboard

Asus is celebrating its 30th birthday this year, so in addition to launching some new laptops, displays, and other tech at Computex, the company is introducing a range of 30th-anniversary products. The Asus Zenfone 6 Edition 30 is basically a version of the latest Asus flagship phone with a custom design and maxxed-out specs. The Zenbook Edition […]