Razer is actually going to sell its high-tech face mask with RGB lights

Razer has a long history of using the Consumer Electronics Show to unveil concept devices that may never turn into real products. But that high-tech, reusable N95 face mask with RGB lighting the company showcased at virtual CES in January? That’s going to be a real thing you can buy. In an interview with Yahoo […]

Compal CHEESE is a foldable phone concept designed for photography

Most modern smartphones have separate cameras on the front and back, allowing you to snap selfies or shoot pictures and videos of the world around you. But the front-facing cameras are often inferior. Taiwanese manufacturer Compal’s CHEESE concept phone has just one set of cameras. But the phone has a foldable display that allows those […]

Compal Airttach is a triple-screen laptop concept with detachable displays

This week we’ve looked at product concepts from Compal including a rollable phone, a virtually bezel-free laptop, and a couple of dual-screen notebooks with displays that stack one on top of the other. But the Taiwanese manufacturer is also envisioning a three-screen laptop with detachable displays that can be placed side-by-side with the laptop’s middle […]

Wistron Foldbook concept: A 17 inch tablet or desktop that becomes a 10 inch laptop (foldable displays)

Computers with foldable displays are a real thing you can buy now. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold is a 13.3 inch tablet that you can fold in half and use like a 7 inch laptop, with the lower half of the screen functioning as a keyboard or input area. But what if you want something […]

10.1 inch TCL tri-fold display could be coming to tablets, phones, or laptops

TCL’s product lineup includes smartphones, tablets, TVs, audio gear, and home appliances. But the company also makes displays, and as interest in foldable devices has grown in the past few years, TCL has shown off a number of foldable display prototypes. The latest is a 10.1 inch tri-fold screen that can be folded in half […]

Oppo has a rollable smartphone too, and here’s what it looks like in action

For months, LG has been teasing its LG Rollable smartphone with a screen that expands to give you a tablet-sized device at the touch of a button. But LG’s smartphone business has been underperforming, and it’s unclear at this point whether the phone will ever see the light of day. But rollable smartphone technology? It’s […]

Razer’s CES 2021 concepts: a smart mask and a gaming chair with a retractable display

Gaming hardware maker Razer is showing off two concept products this week. Project Brooklyn is the most advanced gaming chair you’ve ever seen — it has a retractable 60-inch panoramic OLED display that floats in front of you when you want it and hides away when you don’t. The other concept is Project Hazel, a […]

Oppo introduces tri-fold “slide-phone” concept design

Smartphones are getting weird again. After years of seeing companies release rectangular slab after rectangular slab, these days we’re seeing the rise of foldables as well as niche devices with keyboards, repairable parts, open source software, and whatever the heck it is LG is trying to do with the LG Wing. Now Oppo is showing […]