Wibtek Q7 is a stackable mini PC (with projector, battery modules)

We’ve seen projects to build modular smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches recently. But Chinese company Wibtek is showing off something a little different: a modular desktop PC with stackable components that let you add features including a an optical disc drive, battery, and projector. OK, you could make the case that most desktop PCs are modular, since […]

Toshiba unveils Astrea 2-in-1 PC with Intel Skylake CPU, 4K display

The Toshiba Astrea is a convertible laptop with a high-resolution touchscreen display and a 360 degree hinge which lets you fold the screen all the way back and use the computer in tablet mode. Microsoft unveiled the Astrea during a keynote at the Computex show this week, but it probably won’t be available for purchase […]

Foxconn Kangaroo, Quanta Compute Plug join the mini PC parade

Microsoft has revealed two new tiny computers coming from Taiwanese manufacturers Foxconn and Quanta. The Quanta Compute Plug is a PC built into a device the size of a power adapter (and which you can actually use as a USB power adapter), while the Foxconn Kangaroo is a pocket-sized desktop computer that you can carry with you […]

Intel wants to bring wireless charging to hotels, restaurants, cars

Wireless charging technology lets you recharge the battery in your smartphone, laptop, or other gadgets without plugging in a cable. This can make charging your phone as simple as placing it on a table (or charging pad) when you’re not using it. Right now there are a few different competing standards for wireless charging: the […]