SeedTronic Seedbook has displays on the front and back

Most convertible tablet-style laptops have one screen. When it’s facing the keyboard you can use the device like a laptop. But you can also rotate the display to face away from the keyboard and close the lid to use the computer like a tablet. Then there’s the SeedTronic Seedbook. This laptop has two displays, one […]

Geniatech Enjoy TV Stick ATV100: Android PC on a stick with ARM Cortex-A9

Chinese equipment maker plans to launch a new USB thumb-drive sized computer, or internet TV accessory called the Enjoy Stick ATV100 by the end of the month. Charbax from got a sneak peek at the Computex trade show in Taiwan last week. At first glance, the ATV100 looks a lot like the MK802 Mini […]

AMD unveils Windows 8 hybrid tablet prototype

AMD is showing off a reference design for a Windows 8 tablet with a detachable keyboard dock. The computer features an 11.6 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel display and an AMD Trinity processor. The prototype looks a lot like other hybrid tablets we’ve seen this week, but most of those featured Intel or ARM-based processors. […]

Intel: 20 Windows 8 tablets, 50 ultrabooks on the way

Microsoft may finally be preparing to launch a version of the Windows operating system designed to run on devices with ARM-based processors. But Intel powered devices are dominating this year’s Computex trade show. During today’s Intel keynote presentation, the company showed a wall filled with 50 different ultrabooks. Those are thin and light laptops which, […]

Dell Inspiron 13z, 14z ultraportables on the way for $600 and up

Dell is launching two new ultraportable laptops. The 13 inch Dell Inspiron 13z will sell or $599 and up, while the Dell Inspiron 14z with a 14 inch screen will start at $699. Both thin and light notebooks will be available starting June 19th. While the two laptops look an awful lot alike, the Inspiron […]