Pegatron’s NVIDIA Tegra-powered Vivid netbook – Video

The Pegatron Vivid mini-laptop has three things that set apart from most netbooks available today. First, it’s based on NVIDIA’s Tegra chipset which bundles an ARM-based CPU with NVIDIA graphics to deliver support for 1080p video playback through HDMI while consuming less power than most Intel Atom based netbooks. Second, the Pegatron Vivid has a […]

Gartner analysts claim Android is snappier on Arm than Windows 7 on Atom

Several computer makers were showing off netbook and smartbook prototypes running Google Android at the Computex trade show earlier this month. While the operating system was originally designed for cellphones with small screens and relatively slow processors, Google Android can be tweaked to play well with larger displays, and a decent array of processors. And […]

Compal KTV00 with a super-wide touchpad – Video

Taiwanese computer maker Compal’s KTV00 is an interesting looking netbook with a wide, Dell Inspiron Mini 10-like touchpad¬† with integrated mousebuttons. Sascha from Netbook News spotted the mini-laptop at Intel’s booth at Computex last week, and shot a short video which you can find after the break. The demo unit was running Moblin 2.0 beta, […]

Sparkle unveils shiney ION-based HTPC

Computer Maker Sparkle is living up to its name with its latest home theater PC, a shiny little number based on the NVIDIA ION platform which bundles a dual core Intel Atom 330 CPU with an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M CPU. The Sparkle Cuti n30 is a modular system that comes in several parts. You can […]

Clevo M811L WiMAX capable netbook – Video

The Clevo M811L, which was on display at Computex last week is a WiMAX capable netbook with a rather boxy looking design, a 10 inch screen, and a nice wide keyboard and touchpad (which unfortunately has buttons located on the left and right sides rather than below the touchpad). Sascha from Netbook News got a […]

Edubook AA battery powered netbook available today for $199 – Videos

The NorhTech Gecko Edubook is a cheap, somewhat modular netbook that runs on AA batteries. The netbook first hit our radar in early May, but the folks behind the project have posted some updated information, as well as a nice little surprise: You can order one today for $199 if you’re willing to pay for […]

Forsa Poshbook – Video

The Forsa Poshbook is an unusual netbook/notebook hybrid that will come in two versions. You’ll be able to grab a model with an Intel Atom processor that’s more of a netbook style device, presumably with a low cost version of Windows XP or Windows 7. Or you can spring for a more capable notebook version […]

Pixel Qi’s display will NOT be $200, and other answers to your questions – Video

Pixel Qi founder Mary Lou Jepsen has been reading a handful of tech blogs including Engadget and MobileRead to see what people are saying about those sexy new 3qi displays she’s been showing off for the last few days. And in an interview with TechVideoBlog, Jepsen answered some of the questions left by commenters on […]