Google introduces $45 AIY Vision Kit for DIY computer vision hardware projects

Google is launching a new hardware and software kit aimed at developers and hackers who want to build products that incorporate computer vision… on a budget. It’s called the AIY Vision Kit, and it’s up for pre-order from Micro Center for $45, with an expected ship date of December 31st. You’ll need to spend a […]

Google Lens image recognition is like Google Goggles evolved

Google has announced that it’s bringing a new feature to Google Assistant that uses computer vision to recognize real-world items and suggest appropriate actions. It’s sort of like the all-but-defunct Google Goggles, in that you can point your phone’s camera at an item to find out what it is. But it goes further by allowing […]

Amazon Go is a tech-driven convenience store without cashiers

Amazon is already largely responsible for a change in the way people shop, thanks to the company’s evolution from an online bookstore to an online shop where you can buy almost anything, and have many items delivered the same day, or even within hours. Now Amazon has unveiled a new type of bricks and mortar store that […]

Intel plans to buy computer vision company Movidius

Intel is the dominant maker of the chips used in laptop and desktop computes, but the PC market has plateaued (or declined) in recent years, so Intel has been looking to move into emerging technologies. The company’s efforts in the smartphone space haven’t gone very well. But Intel has big plans for virtual reality, drones, automotive […]