Compal Armer is a dual-screen laptop for artists (that doesn’t sacrifice a physical keyboard)

Some dual-screen laptops are really more like dual-screen tablets that forego a physical keyboard to make room for the second screen. While Microsoft and Dell have come up with workarounds, like a detachable keyboard that rests on top of one display when you want to type, the Compal Armer laptop takes a different approach. At first […]

Compal GEMINI gaming laptop has an expandable display (15.6 inch to 17.8 inches)

Gaming laptops are interesting beasts that have to balance portability with the performance you’d expect from a high-end gaming computer. One of the first compromises is usually the display — you may want a big-screen monitor for your gaming desktop, but anything larger than 15.6 inches tends to make for an unwieldy laptop. So it’s […]

Compal Envision is a dual-screen laptop with a keyboard dock

Compal’s Duo360 and Duo360 X aren’t the manufacturer’s only new dual-screen laptop designs. The company also won an IF Design Guide award for a 13.5 inch dual-screen notebook called the Envision Lite. The computer is a convertible notebook-style device with 360-degree hinge that lets you position the Envision Lite as a laptop, tablet, or anything […]

Compal Voyager laptop puts an expandable 13 inch keyboard in an 11 inch body

Over the past few years the bezels around laptop screens have shrunk to the point where I’ve stopped paying attention when PC makers claim that they’ve stuffed a 14 inch display into a 13 inch laptop body. That’s just what a 14 inch laptop looks like now. But there’s only so small a laptop can […]

Compal Duo360 and Duo360 X are two takes on two-screen laptops

Two new dual-screen laptops from Compal showed up at the IF Design Guide Awards website this week. And they present two different approaches toward how a dual-screen laptop should work. It’s unclear if either will come to market anytime soon. But Compal is a contract manufacturer that builds laptops and other devices for a number […]

Compal PivoBook is a laptop with a display that works in landscape or portrait

Most laptops have 16:9 displays. Some have 16:10 or 3:2 screens. But one thing that pretty much every modern laptop has in common? The display is wider than it is tall. At first look, the PivoBook from Taiwanese manufacturer Compal looks the same. But there’s on key difference — you can flip the screen from […]

Compal’s Dual Cylindrical 360 is a weird, super-thin convertible tablet concept

In some ways convertible tablet-style laptops give you the best of both worlds. You have a full-fledged laptop that you can also use as a tablet by pushing the display back 360 degrees so that it’s back-to-back with the keyboard. But laptops with this type of 360-degree display are typically thicker and heavier than standalone […]