Microsoft updates Windows Terminal, Windows Package Manager, and Windows Subsystem for Linux

During Microsoft’s BUILD developer conference, the company is highlighting new features aimed at developers, including updates to some of the geekier features the company has added to Windows in recent years. The latest version of the Windows Terminal app can be opened from any screen in Windows by using a keyboard shortcut. Version 1.0 of […]

Now you can uninstall apps with Windows Package Manager (command-line tools)

Last year Microsoft introduced a preview of Windows Package Manager, a utility that lets you install Windows applications from a command prompt. Basically it’s the Windows equivalent of the apt, yum, or pacman tools used by GNU/Linux distributions like Debian, Fedora, and Arch. But the Windows Package Manager is still very much a work in […]

Microsoft Edge coming to Linux, and Linux GUI apps are coming to Windows

Microsoft’s relationship with Linux has changed a lot in recent years. The company includes a Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) that lets developers and power users run a Linux terminal within Windows, and Microsoft has become a major contributor to many open source projects. The latest versions of Microsoft’s Edge web browser are built on […]

Sxmo brings a simple Unix-inspired UI to the PinePhone

While Android and iOS dominate the smartphone space these days, there are multiple projects underway to create free and open source, Linux-based operating systems. For the most part, developers have focused on making touch-friendly operating systems that resemble Android and iOS in some ways. But Sxmo is a new project that makes a Linux smartphone […]

Windows Terminal v0.10 brings mouse and split-screen improvements

Microsoft’s Windows Terminal app is less than a year old, and it’s still more of a public preview than a fully functional replacement for other Windows command line tools. But it keeps inching closer. The latest release is out today, and¬†Windows Terminal v0.10 brings a bunch of bug fixes and a handful of new features. […]

Lilbits 376: Terminal

Earlier this year Microsoft introduced a new Windows Terminal app that brings modern features to the operating system’s various command line tools. Among other things, it brings a tabbed user interface, support for using PowerShell, the Windows Command Prompt, and Windows Subsystem for Linux from the same app, support for backgrounds, and GPU-accelerated text rendering. […]

Microsoft releases Windows Terminal preview (with tabs, GPU acceleration, and more)

Microsoft’s new Windows Terminal app is here… or at least a public preview is. First announced in May, the new app provides a bunch of features that Microsoft’s earlier command line tools lacked. It also brings all those command line tools together in one place: you can use Windows Terminal to interact with the Windows […]

Windows Subsystem for Linux update will let you access Linux file from Windows

One of the most surprising things about Windows 10 is that you have the option of enabling a Windows Subsystem for Linux, installing a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, and then running Linux commands in a Bash shell. The feature has been around in one form or another since early 2016, but Microsoft keeps fine-tuning […]