Now you can uninstall apps with Windows Package Manager (command-line tools)

Last year Microsoft introduced a preview of Windows Package Manager, a utility that lets you install Windows applications from a command prompt. Basically it’s the Windows equivalent of the apt, yum, or pacman tools used by GNU/Linux distributions like Debian, Fedora, and Arch. But the Windows Package Manager is still very much a work in […]

Microsoft Edge coming to Linux, and Linux GUI apps are coming to Windows

Microsoft’s relationship with Linux has changed a lot in recent years. The company includes a Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) that lets developers and power users run a Linux terminal within Windows, and Microsoft has become a major contributor to many open source projects. The latest versions of Microsoft’s Edge web browser are built on […]

Sxmo brings a simple Unix-inspired UI to the PinePhone

While Android and iOS dominate the smartphone space these days, there are multiple projects underway to create free and open source, Linux-based operating systems. For the most part, developers have focused on making touch-friendly operating systems that resemble Android and iOS in some ways. But Sxmo is a new project that makes a Linux smartphone […]

Windows Terminal v0.10 brings mouse and split-screen improvements

Microsoft’s Windows Terminal app is less than a year old, and it’s still more of a public preview than a fully functional replacement for other Windows command line tools. But it keeps inching closer. The latest release is out today, and Windows Terminal v0.10 brings a bunch of bug fixes and a handful of new features. […]

Lilbits 376: Terminal

Earlier this year Microsoft introduced a new Windows Terminal app that brings modern features to the operating system’s various command line tools. Among other things, it brings a tabbed user interface, support for using PowerShell, the Windows Command Prompt, and Windows Subsystem for Linux from the same app, support for backgrounds, and GPU-accelerated text rendering. […]

Microsoft releases Windows Terminal preview (with tabs, GPU acceleration, and more)

Microsoft’s new Windows Terminal app is here… or at least a public preview is. First announced in May, the new app provides a bunch of features that Microsoft’s earlier command line tools lacked. It also brings all those command line tools together in one place: you can use Windows Terminal to interact with the Windows […]

Windows Subsystem for Linux update will let you access Linux file from Windows

One of the most surprising things about Windows 10 is that you have the option of enabling a Windows Subsystem for Linux, installing a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, and then running Linux commands in a Bash shell. The feature has been around in one form or another since early 2016, but Microsoft keeps fine-tuning […]