Now the Nexus 5 comes in red (and black… and white)

One of the best Android phones you can get for under $400 now comes in three colors. As expected, Google had launched a new red version of the Google Nexus 5. It’s available from the Play Store for $349 and up. You can also still pick up a Nexus 5 in black or white for […]

Google Nexus 5 may soon come in red (or other colors)

Google-owned Motorola offers its flagship Moto X smartphone in dozens of color combinations thanks to the Moto Maker service. But if you want to buy a Google-branded phone you currently have a choice of black or white. That’s it… but maybe not for long. A rather dubious claim that Google was preparing to offer a […]

Dell to offer 26 new nail-polish themed colors for netbooks, notebooks (No, really)

Have you ever looked at your laptop with its drab black or white cover and thought to yourself “man, I really wish this thing were available in the color of my favorite nail polish!” Well, the wait is almost over. Dell has teamed up with nail lacquer experts OPI to create 26 new color choices […]