Lilbits: Google acquires company that lets you turn Windows PCs into Chromebooks (and other recent tech news)

A company called Neverware has been offering software called CloudReady that lets you turn old computers into pseudo Chromebooks since 2015. But in order to do that, the company has been using software based on Chromium OS, the open source version of Chrome OS. Now Google has acquired the company and, among other things, that […]

CloudReady lets you dual-boot Windows and ChromiumOS on your PC

CloudReady is an operating system designed to basically turn your existing PC into a Chromebook. Launched in 2015, CloudReady makes it easy to replace Windows with an operating system based on Chromium OS (the open source version of Chrome OS). But now you can also create a dual-boot setup on some computers, allowing you to switch […]

Cloudready uses Chromium OS to breathe life into old computers

Neverware has created a software program that turns any old computer into a Chromebook or Chromebox. All it takes is a USB flash drive and a few minutes to load the company’s Cloudready software onto a computer. The company worked with Google to develop Cloudready, and it’s a cloud-based operating system based on Chromium OS, […]