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Sylvania G Netbook: The NanoBook isn’t dead yet

VIA may be focusing its attention on the chip company’s new OpenBook reference design for tiny, low-power laptops. But it looks like some PC and electronics makers are still pumping out systems based on VIA’s older NanoBook reference design. Mike Cane spotted a new PC at J&R over the weekend that looked suspiciously like an […]

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Walmart drops Cloudbook price to $349

Walmart has dropped the price of the Everex Cloudbook CE1200V to $349. The laptop was $399 at launch, and according to the product page, Walmart was most recently selling the computer for $388. Does the new price point have anything to do with the news that Everex is selling a Cloudbook with Windows XP in […]

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Side by side shots of the Eee PC, Cloudbook, and Mini-Note

And here I thought my house was starting to fill up with little computers. While I’ve got an Asus Eee PC and HP Mini-Note, Flickr user Robert Nelson has me beat. He’s got both of those computers, plus an Everex Cloudbook. So if you’ve ever wanted to see how the three computer stack up against […]