Microsoft’s next Surface device may be Cloudbook education laptop

Microsoft is holding an education-focused event in New York City next month, and word on the street is that this will be where Microsoft officially launches Windows Cloud. While early builds of the operating system have already been leaked, Microsoft has yet to officially confirm its existence. But the company may also have new hardware […]

Acer Aspire One Cloudbook with Windows now available for $190

Acer’s first “Cloudbook” series laptop is now available for purchase. The Cloudbook family of products are low-cost Windows laptops with the sorts of specs (and price tags) we’ve come to associated with laptops running Google Chrome OS in recent years. But these computer ship with Windows 10 software. Some models will be priced as low […]

Everex launches Cloudbook with 8.9 inch display for Japan

While we’re still waiting for Everex to release the Cloudboox Max, which will feature a larger screen, faster processor, and more memory than the original Cloudbook CE1200V, it looks like Everex has decided to roll out an incremental update to the Cloudbook line — in Japan. The Cloudbook CE1220J has a tiny case that’s barely […]

Everex Cloudbook CE1201V: Now with 60GB HDD and Windows XP

I’m still waiting for Everex to release the Cloudbook Max, which looks like a huge improvement over the original Cloudbook. But it looks like the company’s decided to offer something to tide us over while we wait. The Cloudbook CE1201V looks practically identical to the original CE1200 (which is now available or as little as […]