YouTube Music is getting a cloud storage locker for your personal music collection

Google currently has two music streaming services — but the company plans to eventually phase out the older Google Play Music service and shift its resources to the newer YouTube Music, which launched nearly two years ago. First, the company plans to bring some features from Google Play Music to YouTube Music — like the ability to […]

Microsoft lets Office 365 users buy more OneDrive storage, protect some files in a “Personal Vault”

As cloud storage solutions go, Microsoft’s OneDrive isn’t a bad deal — you get 15GB of storage for free, or you can pay $2 per month you for 50GB. And if you sign up for an Office 365 subscription you get 1TB of online storage for as little as $70 per year… not to mention […]

If you take a lot of photos, the original Pixel has a perk the Pixel 2 does not

Google’s Pixel smartphones have some of the best cameras available on any phone. The 2016 model was one of the best available at the time… and the 2017 model is said to have an even better camera. If you use those cameras to snap a lot of photos, Google also offers a bonus feature: if […]

Google Drive desktop app is turning into a full-fledged Backup and Sync tool

Google has announced that it’s updating its Google Drive application for Mac and PC and merging it with the Google Photos desktop uploader tool. The new app is called Backup and Sync from Google, and it should be available starting June 28th. One of the biggest changes? It’ll let you choose any set of folders […]

Acer Liquid Jade 2 Android smartphones has 1TB of storage (but not really)

If Acer’s latest flagship Android smartphone looks familiar, that’s because the Acer Liquid Jade 2 seems to be an Android version of the previously announced Liquid Jade Primo phone that ships with Windows 10. The specs and design for the two phones are pretty much the same. But there is one key difference aside from […]

Microsoft OneDrive users can opt-in to keep their free 15GB of storage space

About a month after Microsoft announced plans to drop the amount of free cloud storage it offered users of its OneDrive service, the company is throwing a lifeline to existing users. Starting early next year anyone that signs up for OneDrive will only get 5GB of free storage instead of the 15GB Microsoft currently offers. […]