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Not so Mighty after all (web browser in the cloud business winds down)

Mighty was designed to be a better, faster web browser… by leveraging cloud computing resources to speed up your online experience. But when the company announced an early access program last year, it left a lot of folks scratching their heads. That’s because unlike most web browsers, Mighty doesn’t run on your local computer. It […]

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Windows 365 puts the operating system in the cloud, lets you stream your Cloud PC to any device

In recent years a few key trends have become common in the software space. First, a lot of things that we used to do with local apps installed on our computers can now be done in the cloud… even gaming. And second, subscription-based software-as-a-service has become increasingly common. All of which is to say, it […]

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Dell introduces HDMI stick that turns any screen into a thin client PC

Dell acquired Wyse last year and launched a line of cloud computing products that lets you access software data on a remote server. Most of the products in this line look like tiny computers which you can connect to a keyboard, mouse and display. Now the company is introducing a new thin client that you […]