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Goodnight WiMAX: Sprint to shut down its first 4G network Nov 6th, 2015

Before LTE became widespread in the United States, Sprint launched its own high-speed data network using the competing WiMAX protocol. It wasn’t as fast as LTE, but that didn’t stop the company from calling it 4G. Sprint isn’t the only name in the WiMAX game… but Clearwire, FreedomPop, and most other companies that offer WiMAX service in […]

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Lilbits (10-06-2014): Jeff Bezos is bringing Amazon and Washington Post together

Say you’re the guy who runs the largest retail website in the United States… which also happens to make and sell a line of eReaders and tablets. And say you also happened to buy a major newspaper a little while ago? Maybe you’d find some synergies in an effort to help make the newspaper profitable […]

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Clear introduces plug-and-play WiMAX modem for PC, Android, and Chrome

Clear has introduced a new 4G WiMAX modem that works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Chrome, and Android. All you have to do is plug the USB stick into a computer or portable device and it will use the built-in internet connection capabilities of your operating system to get you online. There’s no connection manager […]

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CLEAR pre-launches 4G WiMAX in New York, San Francisco, more cities

While we wait for Verizon to roll out its LTE service, CLEAR is currently the only 4G service provider in the US (CLEAR also offers the backbone of WiMAX services provided by Sprint, Best Buy, and possibly some others). The only problem is that CLEAR is only available in a limited number of cities… for […]

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Best Buy Connect to offer CLEAR WiMAX 4G service

Last month Best Buy launched a new service called Best Buy Connect that lets users sign up for mobile broadband access at select stores across the US. At the time, Best Buy connect only offers 3G wireless plans, but now the company has announced plans to begin offering 4G WiMAX connectivity as well. Best Buy […]