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Meet AcerCloud: Acer’s answer to iCloud

Acer is launching a new cloud-based service for synchronizing photos, media, and documents across multiple devices. You can also access your files from a web browser. If the whole thing sounds an awful lot like Apple’s iCloud, that’s because it is an awful lot like iCloud. The difference is that AcerCloud works with Windows and Android […]

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Why everyone is trying to be Apple… and why it probably won’t work

You’ve probably noticed that virtually every PC and phone maker is rushing to put out a tablet this year. The iPad has been a huge hit for Apple, and nobody wants to miss the boat if it’s not just Apple’s individual product but the entire category of slate-style devices really starts to take off. That […]

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Acer introduces Alive media store, wireless media streaming

Acer may have unveiled 5 new mobile devices this morning, but the company didn’t stop there. Acer also introduced two new software services: The Alive digital media store and the service for wirelessly sharing content between Acer devices. The Alive store will have Listen, Read, Play, Watch, and Application sections, of access to music, […]