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Sol Computer unveils ruggedized, pricey netbook with Pixel Qi screen

Sol Computer is a small California-based company that offers computers with Pixel Qi sunlight readable displays. The company’s notebooks and tablets are aimed at customers willing to pay a premium price for a screen that’s visible outdoors, including pilots and other professionals that work outdoors. This week Sol Computer started showing off its latest product — […]

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Intel: 4 million Classmate PC netbooks deployed

Intel’s Classmate PC platform may have started out as the company’s answer to the OLPC Laptop, but over the past few years about twice as many Classmate PC models have been deployed in classrooms around the globe as OLPC XO Laptops. As of this week, Intel says more than 4 million of the small rugged […]

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Venezula orders 1 million Classmate PCs

While mainstream netbooks like the Asus Eee PC, MSI Wind, and Dell Inspiron Mini continue to capture the imagination (and cash) of consumers, it’s nice to see that low cost laptops are  also fulfilling one of their original purposes, and getting into the hands of children in developing countries. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez this weekend announced that […]

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Intel: Classmate 3 coming soon

It seems like just yesterday that Intel announced a major update to its OLPC-not-quite-killer, the Classmate PC. Now the company is poised to shake things up for a second time this year. PC World is reporting that Intel will announce details of the Classmate 3 laptop next month. While the Classmate 2 has a larger […]

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Comparing the Mini-Note, Eee PC, and Classmate keyboards

While plenty of web sites have put the HP Mini-Note, Asus Eee PC, and other low-cost ultraportables through the paces with benchmarks, comparisons of video performance, and startup times, the folks at Laptop Magazine have been asking another crucial question: Which ultraportable has the best keyboard? Laptop happens to have access to an Eee PC, […]