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Venezula orders 1 million Classmate PCs

While mainstream netbooks like the Asus Eee PC, MSI Wind, and Dell Inspiron Mini continue to capture the imagination (and cash) of consumers, it’s nice to see that low cost laptops are  also fulfilling one of their original purposes, and getting into the hands of children in developing countries. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez this weekend announced that […]

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Classmate PC gets the Atom treatment

If you thought it was just consumer-oriented computers like the Eee PC, MSI Wind and ECS G10IL that were getting the new Intel Atom processor, think again. CNET Asia found a Classmate PC hanging out that the Intel Atom booth at Computex. The Classmate PC is built using an Intel reference design, and is basically […]

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BBC gets hands on with the Classmate 2 (VIDEO)

Darren Waters at the BBC is spending the next week tinkering with one of Intel’s Classmate 2 laptop computers. In the video above you can see he’s also spent some time with the OLPC XO Laptop, and he clearly highlights some of the differences between the devices. While both are aimed at developing nations, the […]