Would you pay $800 for a netbook? (Also, testing the latest Classmate PC webcam)

This morning Nokia and Best Buy announced that the retailer would be the exclusive distributor of the Nokia Booklet 3G in the US. There’s still no final word on pricing, and since the Booklet 3G comes with an integrated 3G modem, I’m guessing it’s going to sell for far less than the $800 price that’s […]

Sizing up the CTL 2go Classmate E10

The CTL 2Go Classmate E10 isn’t just the largest Classmate PC yet. It’s one of the largest 10 inch netbooks I’ve seen. It’s not quite a behemoth next to relatively large machines like the Asus Eee PC 1000H. But it certainly ain’t small. Since I happen to have a few 10 inch netbooks in my […]

Daewoo C920: Korea gets the Classmate PC netvertible

If the Daewoo C920 netbook looks familiar, that’s because it’s basically a rebranded Intel Classmate 3 PC machine. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Classmate PC reference design makes it easy for PC makers to mass produce cheap touchscreen devices that can function as either a notebook or tablet PC. The laptop features a […]

KoroKids Doraemon netbook is a colorful Classmate PC

Since it’s apparently not enough to make cheap durable mini-laptops with small screens and keyboards for kids, a company called KuroKids has slapped some cartoony goodness on a Classmate PC. The Classmate PC is Intel’s platform for low cost mini-laptops aimed at students. The notebooks tend to feature 10 inch or smaller displays, ruggedized cases, […]