Intel Education 2-in-1 is a rugged tablet for students

Intel is updating its line of education-oriented tablet and notebook reference designs with its first 2-in-1 device. The Intel Education 2-in-1 looks a bit like the Classmate PC convertible netbooks of yesteryear, but instead of a notebook with a hinge that lets you twist the screen around for tablet use, the 2-in-1 is a tablet with […]

Intel’s Classmate PC laptop gets a Bay Trail speed boost

Intel is updating its reference design for mini-laptops aimed at students. The new Intel Classmate PC is a 10 inch laptop with an optional touchscreen display, a camera that rotates to face forward or back, and an Intel Celeron N2806 processor. That chip is based on the same Silvermont/Bay Trail technology as the Atom processors used […]

Sol Computer unveils ruggedized, pricey netbook with Pixel Qi screen

Sol Computer is a small California-based company that offers computers with Pixel Qi sunlight readable displays. The company’s notebooks and tablets are aimed at customers willing to pay a premium price for a screen that’s visible outdoors, including pilots and other professionals that work outdoors. This week Sol Computer started showing off its latest product — […]

Intel StoryBook tablet to join the Classmate PC in the classroom?

For the past few years Intel has been pushing it Classmate PC netbook platform for schools. In fact, several million students around the world are now using netbooks based on Intel’s reference design. Now, according to DigiTimes, Intel could be preparing to do the same thing with tablets. Update: According to an Intel spokesperson, the […]

Intel launches Cedar Trail Classmate PC platform

Intel has updated its Classmate PC designs to incorporate the latest Intel Atom Cedar Trail processors. The new netbooks and convertible tablets are also more rugged and include improved touch features and longer battery life. Classmate computers are designed for students and feature sturdy cases, built-in handles for carrying the device, and other education-focused hardware […]

CTL launches convertible tablet-style netbook with Cedar Trail

The latest Classmate PC netbooks and convertible tablets based on Intel’s reference design are starting to appear. CTL is introduding the 2go Classmate PC NL3 this week at CES. It’s a 10 inch convertible tablet-style netbook with a 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N2600 Cedar Trail dual core processor. The laptop has a 1366 x 768pixel […]

Intel unveils next-gen Classmate PC with Cedar Trail chipset

Intel’s Classmate PC platform is a reference design that computer manufacturers around the world have used to create affordable, durable mini-laptops for use in schools. More than 5 million Classmates PC computers have been deployed over the past few years, and now Intel is getting ready to upgrade the platform. At the Intel Developer Forum […]

Intel: 4 million Classmate PC netbooks deployed

Intel’s Classmate PC platform may have started out as the company’s answer to the OLPC Laptop, but over the past few years about twice as many Classmate PC models have been deployed in classrooms around the globe as OLPC XO Laptops. As of this week, Intel says more than 4 million of the small rugged […]

Lenovo launches Classmate PC netbook for students

Intel has been pushing its Classmate PC designs for student-oriented netbooks for the past few years. Basically it’s Intel’s answer to the OLPC XO Laptop — a semi-rugged computer that can stand up to the wear and tear of a primary school environment and a student backpack. Oh yeah, the computers also have Intel chips […]

CTL introduces 2go Classmate PC E11 ruggedized netbook for students

CTL is now taking orders for the 2go Classmate PC E11, the latest of the company’s netbooks for the education market. Like earlier models, the Classmate E11 is based on Intel’s Clasmate PC reference designs, but the new model has a few new features including an Intel Atom N455 processor and optional 3G mobile broadband. […]

PeeWee PC launches the Pivot 2.0 convertible tablet for students

PeeWee PC has launched a new portable computer that can function as a touchscreen tablet or a netbook. The PeeWee Pivot 2.0 Tablet Laptop appears to be based on the latest version of Intel’s Classmate PC reference design, which explains why it looks so much like the Toshiba CM1 or the CTL 2Go Convertible Classmate […]