Lilbits 373: Huawei gets (some sort of) a reprieve

After placing Huawei on an “Entity List” earlier this year and prohibiting US companies from selling products to the Chinese electronics giant, the Trump administration is easing restrictions… or something. After meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping a few weeks ago, US president Donald Trump announced the US would “remove some curbs on Huawei” and […]

Chuwi LapBook Plus might be the cheapest 4K laptop (so far)

Laptops with 4K displays are becoming increasingly common, but high-resolution displays are usually an expensive add-on for already-expensive computers. The Chuwi LapBook Plus, on the other hand, is a laptop that sells for under $500 and which features a mix of budget and premium specs — including a 4K display. It’s up for pre-order from Gearbest […]