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Lilbits (9-04-2013): Next-gen Microsoft Surface details leaked… or made up?

Microsoft introduced the original Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets about a year ago when the company launched Windows 8. With Windows 8.1 coming in October, and with most consumer electronics companies habitually releasing new models every year, it seems likely that new models are on the way. Reports from multiple sources (including Neowin,, […]

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Chromoting app will let you control your PC, Chromebook from Android

Google’s Chrome web browser for Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux has a feature that lets the browser act like a remote desktop utility. Basically you can use Chrome Remote Desktop to login to another computer with Chrome installed and remote control that device from your web browser. Soon you’ll be able to do it from […]

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Google is turning Chrome Remote Desktop into a packaged app (native app)

Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop is a tool that lets you remotely login to nearly any computer running a Chrome web browser. You can see and control the remote desktop on your screen, which comes in handy if you’re helping someone troubleshoot problems over the internet, or if you need to access files you left on […]